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"ZILLION TW" VS "TATULA" review after use it during 8 month. -DAIWA- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“ZILLION TW” VS “TATULA” review after use it during 8 month. -DAIWA-

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“ZILLION TW”  VS  “TATULA”  review after use it during 8 month. -DAIWA-


I had used  “ZILLION TW”  during 8 month. “TATULA”  during 1 year and half.
These two reel look so similar and the size is almost same. Lot of anglers may think “what is the difference between these reel…which one is better”?

I used to go to fishing just 1 or 2 times for a week, but I was using these 2 reels enough to review.

It looks almost same, but details are different.

The left is TATULA. Right is ZILLION TW. It has almost same looks.
Not only body , TWS looks totally same.


The clutch is different. The shape is same, but ZILLION TW has rubber seal on clutch for not slip finger. Also has silver plating. ZILLION TW has holes on upper of level winder for reduce weight.


The handle also different. TATULA has 80mm, ZILLION TW has 90mm.
Just 1cm of difference, but you will notice a lot. zillionvstatula3

The shape of the cap of mechanical brake is different.
ZILLION TW has click sound when yu turn the mechanical brake for adjust it.
TATULA does not have this sound.



The big difference on the spool shaft.

Spool shaft has big difference.
ZILLION TW dose nt have shaft named SPEED SHAFT.
TATULA has this SPEED SHAFT which comes out 2 cm from spool. zillionvstatula5

TATULA (left) ZILLION TW (right).
Diameter of the spool is different.
TATULA is 34mm, ZILLION TW is 36mm.


Comparison on use.


This is my impression. Maybe another anglers can feel in different way.

Casting performance.

ZILLION TW is much better.
Especially I could notice on long casting. As ZILLION TW does not have spool shaft, it has less resistance of friction while spool rotates.

ZILLION TW has special sensation of lure dragging the line without brake untill lure touch water.
Sometimes lure flew more than I expected.
It has amazing capability of casting.

With DoLiveShad 4inch on weightless-rig it flew too much and stick into the bush of opposite shore.

On short distance casting, there are no big difference between ZILLION TW and TATULA.
But when you cast by pitching you notice that ZILLION TW eject line without stress.


There are no difference.
I did not notice difference.


ZILLION TW weight 215g. Tatula weight 220g.
I did not notice so much difference.

Retrieving feeling.

More or less , it`s same.
ZILLION TW has just little bit more smooth.
But these are not smooth feeling like CALCUTTA CONQUEST.

If you want long cast. Better ZILLION TW.


If you want cast long distance without stress, better choose ZILLION TW.
But difference of the price is big, it`s almost 100 euros difference.
If you will use it for short distance cast, TATULA is enough.
The casting capability of TATULA is nothing bad. It`s quite good.



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