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"YAMATO" PENCIL-POPPER, on surface also in subsurface -O.S.P- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“YAMATO” PENCIL-POPPER, on surface also in subsurface -O.S.P-

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“YAMATO” is PENCIL-POPPER which has function as Topwater also as Jerkbait.


price:1900yen + tax

3 cups , center board, 2 line eyes.

This strange form produces amazing action. “YAMATO” brings you new way to dominate surface fishing.
PENCIL-POPPER of untill now has small cup in head, cuase they have thin body does not afford equip large cup.

These Pencil-Popper are good at Dog-walk action imitating escaping baitfish. But it does not have strong appeal potential.

For adapt use on various situation, this pencil-popper was equipped 2 line eyes.
Twin eyes let it use on surface also in subsurface.
Even if diffccult condition this lure can bring you fish from shallow also from deep area.

Depend on the line eye which tied, it makes various types of actions.


High Appeal Eye

When Bass is consicous of surface , use lower line eye (High Appeal Eye).
The center board creates High Pitch Dog-walk action, splashing water and emit pop sound.
Lower line eyes makes it in strong appeal lure on surface.



Diving Eye

When Bass is not conscious of surface, use upper line eye (Diving Eye).
This eyes makes it dive to subsurface, and you can use “YAMATO” as Jerkbait.
With strong jerk let it dive under water and with twitching action of rod, this lure dart left to right as jerkbait with flashing effect.

Steady-retrieve makes “YAMATO” as swimbait wchich swimming slalom line.


Normalmente Pencil-Popper has one cup, but this “YAMATO” is equipped another two sides cup on cheeks. Totally has 3 cups for splash water widely and make loud sounds appeal to fish.(High Appeal Eye)


Center board

Center board works as rudder. This board make it possible acute angle turn left to right roundly, splashing water and emitting atractive sounds.



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