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“WINNING CLAW” the first crayfish type softbait of DSTYLE. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“WINNING CLAW” the first crayfish type softbait of DSTYLE.


Crayfish shape soft plastic bait “WINNING CLAW”, the claws rake bass.

The first crayfish shape softbait from D-STYLE. The designer DAISUKE AOKI won the Japanese tournament using SPEED CRAW of ZBC (ZOOM.) Maybe this lure was inspired from this lure?


The arm parts are very thick. While it falls to bottom, these two claws flapping grabbing the water.
Looks like it is struggling.

It is able to change action of claws, cutting on the line of claws.

Tear the line of the claw part, it shows 2 different action.
Originally this part is sticking and it has large surface like paddle.
But you can separate this part along the line.

Original shape of the claw produces the struggle action pushing the water strongly.
When you cut this part, the claw shape change to curly tail looks. It push the water weakly . But the movement of the claws will be high-pitch.
When you set the light sinker, better cut this line of the claw for have better action.
Like this way, this soft plastic bait can show 2 different action, strong and weak.

After touch the bottom.

There are keel on the arm.

When you make rod action, first claw parts move. Later this claw movement transmits to arm part.

This keel part grabs the water well and nake vibrate whole arms.



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