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“WIND RANGE” spinnerbait which can overcome strong wind. -NORIES- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“WIND RANGE” spinnerbait which can overcome strong wind. -NORIES-


“WIND RANGE”  spinnerbait which can overcome strong wind. -NORIES-

Spinnerbait which wins wind over to side.


2 models.

Tandem Colorado blade model.
weight:3/8oz , 1/2oz , 5/8oz

Tandem Willow blade model.
weight:3/8oz , 1/2oz , 5/8oz

Fishing with Spinerbait, the wind is very important factor.
But for anglers, the wind will be the problem for casting.

“WIND RANGE” overcomes wind by shape and special parts.

Even if in the side wind or strong wind, it`s easy to casting and control it by his compact body.
It has compact size, but it has all important elements for a spinnerbait.
The arm is cranked for able to maintain the best weedless swimming posture . So easy to go through between obstacles without stick.

As it has short upper arm, the blades spin so well in low-speed.
So it`s good for fishing by free fall casting it to vertical structures.

Here you can see the comparison of the size of arm.


Left is SHALLOW ROLL 3/8 oz and right is WIND RANGE 3/8oz.


WIND RANGE is so compact comparing with other spinerbaits.
SHALLOW ROLL makes much of the strength of the vibration.
WIND RANGE makes much of the casting performance in wind.
So it has less appeal than another spinnerbait. It means good for difficult condition or fish in clear water.

Special blads.

Lower picture is ORIGINAL model.


It equips colorado V-brade. Short arm is used to have weak vibration, but it equips tandem colorado blades which can produce strong vibration for this compact size and easy to control his swimming range.

Tandem willow.

The front blades is Colorado V-blade. Rear is Willow V-blade.
Compare with ORIGINAL model, it has less vibration and appeal. So it is effective for nervous fish and for clear water fishing.

Also it can trace in deeper range. Between these 2 blades has enough space and does not interference each other and make these rotate well without make sounds.

It produces perfect rotation on free-falling.
It`s good lure for fish in vertical structure area.



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