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Turtle shaped lure from WILD LURES. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Turtle shaped lure from WILD LURES.


Turtle shaped lure from WILD LURES.

Sometimes I see lures of turtle shaped…but this one…


Turtle shaped lure is not so commun as frog lures, but sometimes we can see turtle silhouette lure in shop.

But always think…

Bass eats turtle!?
I have never seen the image which bass eats turtles.

Untill I see this image, I was thinkng like this…

Someone ished bass with this turtle lure

He fished by turtle lure!? How huge this lure!!


This lure is so big! Bigger than hand of the angler, bigger than mouth of bass.


According to the angler who fished bass with this turtle lure, it was not usual attack.
Seemed to that Bass was angry and repeated biting lot of parts of body…like bass came to kill turtle…

I have never seen this type of attack from bass.


It`s made by WILD LURES.

This turtle lure was made by WILD LURES.
The angler ordered to WILD LURE to make this lure.
It has real looks face. Color also amazing, notice that it`s painted by hand.


The hook is equipped in only tail part.
How real looks this shell.


Abdomen part has beautiful color.


516 g!! 18 oz! 9 times heavier than Jointed Claw.
Which rod and reel he was using to cast such a heavy lure?


I surprised that bass attacks turtle, also there is man who ordered to make turtle shape lure, and the fantastic job of WILD LURE.



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