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The secret of the squid smell of KEITECH | Lure Fishing JAPAN

The secret of the squid smell of KEITECH


There are the fish which does not eat shrimp, but there are no fish which does not eat squid. -KEITECH-

As you know, the material of the KEITECH contains constituent of the authentic squid.
When you open the package , it smells strongly like squid.
But normally, the softbaits of the another company have smell of shrimp.


Why KEITECH soft plastic bait smells squid? Why not shrimp smell like another?

Today let`s see about the origin of special squid smell of KEITECH.

How KEITECH material got smell of squid?

Long time ago, the lure designer of KEITECH, HAYASHI KEIICHI was researching about smell which attracts black bass.
But when he started to looking for the best smell for attracts blackbass, there were no much information about efficient smell.

He decides that Only use natural constituent. Not chemical constituent.

Then Keiichi heared from the owner of one fishing shop…
The bass which reared in aquarium. Even if the stomach of bass is full of earthworm.
If you throw squid in front of bass, she bites it. Ony with squid , it happens.
Squid has something special . fisherman say that There are the fish which can not fish with shrimp, but there are no fish which can not fish with squid.

It`s fact that use squid for fish crayfish in canal of rice terrace. Also tuna in ocean.

Squid has something special. Because crayfish of fresh water have never seen quid. But They are crazy in it.

There are the fish which does not eat shrimp, but there are no fish which does not eat squid.

Like this, Keiichi decided mix constituent of squid in material of soft bait.
He found the constituent which made by only using organs and body of squid from food company.
He mixed this constituent in material and started to test it.

How did test?

◇Comparison with soft plastic bait of Berkley.

The mark is Berkley which is well-known by well smell effect.
The object was closing to performance of Berkley.

◇Test it as bait, not as lure.

If use this as lure making action, it`s impossible to judge the effect of only smell.
So we did just using a piece of soft bait on hook without make action.

◇Test with cat-fish which has strong scent.

It`s difficult test with bass just using small piece of soft bait without move.
So it had been tested with cat-fish.
Just set small piece of soft bait on hook without sinker, throw into water and leave it.

◇Tested by 2 persons.

One person use the piece of KEITECH softbait which has squid smell. Another person use the piece of softbait of Berkley.

Cast it in same moment in parallel.
Every one hour , exchange the bait between 2 persons and done test.
For judge well, the piece of bait has same color and size.

Like this KEITECH tested it.

The result….Which won? Berkley or KEITECH?

The result was draw.
These have same effect. There were no difference between KEITECH and Berkley.
Through this test , the potential of squid is proved.
So , now all softbait of KEITECH has squid smell.



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