The secret of Egi “Pyon Pyon SEARCH”.Special Egi for fish squid easily. -YAMASHITA-


Just cast and retrieve it, everybody can enjoy eging easily. What makes eging easy? Let`ssee the special part of “Pyon Pyon SEARCH”?

「EGINNO」New concept for make eging easy for everybody.

It does not need to feel the bottom touch.

It does not need make sharp rod action for attracts squid.

It does not need feel the touch of squids.
Just make basic jerk rod action and let it fall, the squid will come to catch it.

Eginno Lip which produce natural jumping movement of escaping shrimp.


On the sinker part, it has movable flap. This flap is called eginnolip.
This flat part produces jumping movement of shrimp by simple quick rod action.
Everybody, even if beginners can produce action easily.

Just make simple action and left it fall, it provoke bite of squid and sepia.
When launch it, this flap is folded for not cause air resistance.
Also it has rattle for attract squid by sound.

The feather legs Eginno Leg imitates natural move of shrimp legs. This movement attracts squid strongly.

It has fat body and inferior part of body has feather which imitates shrimp legs.
Receiving the current and action power, this Eginno leg moves so attractively.
While falling, the leg waves individually like authentic legs.

You can see the movement on this video.



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