The needle of the dorsal fin stick into my finger while bass fishing.


Needle of the dorsal fin stick into my finger while bass fishing.

The needle of dorsal fin of bass went through my finger.

Needle? of the dorsal fin.

The another day, while bass fishing, this one stacked into my finger.


When I fish this bass, it happened.


You can see this bass does not have one needle of dorsal fin.(I marked with yellow)


The fished bass struggled in boat, and I tried catch fish.
I think for bass also it was big pain,,,sorry bass…



I put off this need using nipper forcibly.

The needle went through my finger and came out from another side.
But the most thick part was inside of finger.


length:1cm, weight:??? diameter:1.5mm
I felt so pain and it was hard to talk,,,haha..


If it is shape of column same diameter from top to down, it was easy to put off.
But needle of dorsal fin has cone shape, so it`s so hard to put off.
It happened on boat in lake. I was fishing in another side of lake where boat shop is.
It will take more than 30 minutes to boat shop, and that moment it was so good moment to fish with floating insect softbait Orikanemushi!!So I did not want lose time.

So I decided to put off needle using nipper.
So pain, comes out blood quite a lot, but 30 minutes later, I was quite fine 😉


Now you can not see almost nothing in my finger.
Take care with needle of bass, when you catch fish.



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