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The famous shop of 100 yen “DAISO” has fishing products. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

The famous shop of 100 yen “DAISO” has fishing products.


The famous shop of 100 yen “DAISO” has fishing products.

In any city or village of Japan , there are all 100 yen shop called “DAISO”.
There are a lot of types of chain of 100 yen shop.But “DAISO”is the biggest and the most famous one. I think there are no japanese who have never visited this shop.
In “DAISO” sold products of daily necessaries , snacks, food, sundries. Also they have traditional japanese articles like fan, chopsticks, and it`s very popular among tourist who visit Japan. Here able to buy economic souvenirs.

DAISO” has lues and fishing products by 100 yen

In some “DAISO” out of the big cities, you can find fishing products.
They have quit a lot of stuff.daiso2

Also they has lures which cost just 100 yen. I don`t know how they can sell lures with this price. How will be the quality? Does it work?
Lot of anglers say, metaljig of DAISO works quite well.


Also they has offset hook.



The bamboo rod cost 100 yen,too.


I bought off set hook..

There is line, swyvel, lures. But I just bought hook which I use a lot.
Maybe lues work good, but I don’t think I use it..will be stay in box…

Made in Japan?


Reverse side of package. Instruction of how set hook.
So small hook? or huge softbait? The hook of illust is not offset which is in this package. Hehe 100 yen.


When you come to Japan, maybe it’s interesting to pass “DAISO”.



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