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Swimming lure can provoke the bite efficiently in pre-spawn. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Swimming lure can provoke the bite efficiently in pre-spawn.


Swimming lure can attract pre-spawn bass efficiently.
The spring is the season of swimming type lures.

Important of the bass fishing in pre-spawn season is perceive the position of the bass in each water.
Still bass is in deep range? Or already come up to shallow?

For search the position of pre-spawn bass, swimming lures can be so useful.

But the swimming type lure has a lot of types , jerkbait , crankbait , vibration , spinnerbait, etc…

Let`s see the basic selection of swimming lures in pre-spawn season.

Lure selection depends on the weather and water condition.

Important is selection of the lure depends on FIELD CONDITION.

It`s well-known “Spinner bait for windy day”. When the water is muddy , wavy surface, it`s need to choose the lure of strong appeal by vibration or flashing.

And under this hard condition, bass hide in shade of the structures.
So we need to retrieve lure in that kind of difficult place with obstacles.

Then snagless capability is required for lures. Ideal lure will be crankbait and spinnerbait.

On the contrary, the condition is very calm, the water is clear and no waves and wind, the natural appeal is required for lures.
Then jig head or swim jig will show potential.
Especially large size shad tail soft plastic bait works so well.


Why choose big size shad tail?
Because pre-spawn bass need to gain strength efficiently preying big size baitfish.
So they attack to big size lures without hesitate.

Also selecting big size lure, you can focus to big bass.

Depends on the retrieving range, you can set shad tail on jighead or weighted rig, on swim jig.

The most important of this season is choose lure depend on the field condition and position of the pre-spawn bass.



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