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“Super Micro Tube 2inch” hig buoyancy mini tube bait wears real aspect of baitfish. -TIEMCO- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“Super Micro Tube 2inch” hig buoyancy mini tube bait wears real aspect of baitfish. -TIEMCO-


“Super Micro Tube 2inch” mini tube bait from bottom to surface. -TIEMCO-

It`s perfect bait for small mouth bass and finesse style fishing.



“Super Micro Tube 2inch”

For fish in clear lake, for competition, for high pressure , this softbait will be so effective.
The air contains inside produce high buoyancy , natural flashing, quick action. Also use on top water.
The half inferior part of the skirt is cut off.

This special shape of skirt receives water current efficiently and it shows glide fall. This fall provokes bite of nervous fish.

Also it has a good response for rod action. It has quick dart action.

2 long fibers which come out from center of the body, wave naturally on current and it imitates feeler of shrimp.

As it has small hole on connexion part of body and skirt, so hollow of body can hold air well on action, and it produces flashing. The material is enough hard for not lost air of interior by transform body cause of water pressure. It maintains air all-time.

This high buoyancy body produce attractive dart action on splitshot-rig.
On rod tip shaking, it shows movement like goby or shrimp jumping on bottom.
If close the hole, it transform into topwater softbait. cast it under over-hanged tree.



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