“SPOON TAIL LIVE ROLL” has something special in action for attract bass strongly which another lures does not have. -NORIES-


“SPOON TAIL LIVE ROLL” of Nories has special spoon shape tail for produce super alive moves on any retrieving speed. It produce high-pitch roll producing weak wave.


length:4inch (101mm) / 4.5inch (114mm) / 5inch (127mm) / 6inch (152mm)

8 colors


It has two-tone colors for producing flashing on high pitch roll action.

Characteristics and how to use.

This softbait is made by tense material. It has proper hard body to imitate alive fish.
One part of the body has hollow structure and it transmit vibration to whole body.
It`s SHAD TAIL type soft bait.

The Spoon tail grab the water moderately. It produce high-pitch vibration and roll of the body but the produce weak wave. It has natural appeal.
This special shape spoon tail moves so well from slow to high-speed retrieving.

So you can use max potential of this softbait in very closed area, minimum distance it shows natural alive action.

Under difficult condition, this high pitch roll action and moderate wave, flashing provoke the bite of bass which does not react for another lures.

Recommended rigs.

“SPOON TAIL LIVE ROLL” is perfect for combine with swimming rig like chatter bait or jig head, also with rubber jig on swimming.
But for take advantage of this lure, better on weightless rig. Retrieving it on surface producing the wave, you may see the big blowing-up.

 You can see the action of “SPOON TAIL LIVE ROLL” on this vodeo .



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