Soon arrive winter. The season of metal liplessbait. “OVER RIDE” 3 line eyes which produce different action. -O.S.P-


Let`s see the action of “OVER RIDE” It`s very effective in cold water of autumn and winter.

One of the strongest weapon in the winter fishing OVER RIDE


The autumn is fishing and soon winter comes, descending water temperature and Bass will be less active for chase baitfish. It will be hard season to fish bass. But there are some effective lures in this difficult condition of low temperature.
One of these effective lure is metal liplessbait “OVER RIDE” de O.S.P.

It`s well-known that metal liplessbait works so well in cold water in winter.

Even if in condition of the soft plastic bait does not work, metal lipless bait can provoke reaction bite efficiently. And bring us good bass.

Special action of OVER RIDE” which provoke reaction bite.


It has 5 models of size and weight and 20 colors. Depend on the condition, you can choose the best one from this huge variety of series.

Special of “OVER RIDE” is his good balance of the body. It`s easy to maintains depth of retrieve. You can trace the depth which you want.
It`s made by metal, so easy to long cast.

Action of LIFT & FALL

It`s very effective LIFT & FALL action for provoke reaction bite. Even if the fish is not in prey mode, this attractive action makes them use their mouth as reflex movement.

It can lift vertically quickly producing vibration of body, and it falls on erratic way, curving to left to right, straight..

This irregular movement is very effective for provoke monster bass.


Front eye.


For fast retrieve. Swimming posture is horizontal.

Normal position eye .(center eye)

override3hall4For retrieve medium speed. It`s perfect for LIFT & FALL .

Rear eye.

override3hall5The swimming posture is almost vertical. Perfect for slow speed retrieving on sub-surface or bottom range. This posture of swimming can prevent snagging.



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