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“SlitherK RAT” rat shape big swimbait -deps- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“SlitherK RAT” rat shape big swimbait -deps-


“SlitherK RAT” rat shape big swimbait on developing. -deps-

deps is developing bigbait of at shape named “SlitherK RAT”.
The development was started in 2015. Tha last year the proto type was introduced in JAPAN FISHING SHOW NAGOYA. Now deps is keep developing this lure for be on sale. 

The upper picture is proto model which was showed in JAPAN FISHING SHOW NAGOYA of last year.
As you can see , this “SlitherK RAT” does not have real shape of rat like another rat lures.

It has ear, long tail, but the body line is squareangulared.

It`s jointed body.

You can see it has the special jointed part.
As it has quadrangle body , the surface of the body receive the water efficiently from any directions.


Quadrangle body is for adjust water flow of around the body and produce natural swimming of the rat.
Even if it does not have real aspect of rat , it produce real movement of rat. 

Now it`s in under investigation for make sounds from jointed part.

The body part is 16cm, and included tail, whole body is 30 cm.
It`s rat shape huge jointed bait.
It seems to need more time for we can see it in market.



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