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“SHRILPIN” fusion of shrimp and goby, multiuse softbait. -NORIES- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“SHRILPIN” fusion of shrimp and goby, multiuse softbait. -NORIES-


“SHRILPIN” fusion of shrimp and goby, multiuse softbait. -NORIES-

Original creepy shape, fusion of shrimp & goby. Since 1996~


In Japan “SHRILPIN” is one of the most well-known stickbait. There are no anglers who does not hear about it.
There are models of 2 inch(64mm), 4 inch(92mm), 5 inch(118mm).

10 colors for each model.

shrilpin4 shrilpin5


The half of the body has shape of log.  Another half has thin part and wide and flat part. On the tip of the tail has pintail with swell which moves agressively separate from the movement of the body.


This pintail`s errastic movement provokes fish.

The debut of this softbait was 1996. Then anglers were using it on  jighead-rig, dropshot-rig, weightless-rig.

Now the popular rig had changed, and people use it on Wacky-rig, Neko-rig. This lure characteristic match the these rigs and show very attractive movement.

4inch is basic model of  “SHRILPIN”, it can use in anykind of rig, in anykind of place and for any size of bass.

2inch is perfect for use as trailer in small rubberjig. It works so well in difficult condition and often profesional anglers use it in competition.

5inch is perfect for Neko-rig, Heavy dropshot-rig, texas-rig which equip heavy sinker for provoke reaction bite.



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