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"SHAKE SHAD" the movable pitch tail adopt any kind of retrieving speed and show variable movement. -DSTYLE- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“SHAKE SHAD” the movable pitch tail adopt any kind of retrieving speed and show variable movement. -DSTYLE-

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DSTYLE launched  “SHAKE SHAD” , even if retrieve it on super slow speed , it moves the tail naturally producing vibration. It equips movable tail depend on the speed and change the action.

It`s the 4th soft plastic bait of DSTYLE.
Untill now DSTYLE had launched.





2 models.

size:2.5 inch / 3inch
quantity:8 pcs

The material contains flavor and smell.

Characteristic and how use “SHAKE SHAD

It`s a finesse type soft bait which has the tail move on very weak current.

The designer of this lure Aoki says “SHAKE SHAD is the best finesse type SHAD TAIL soft bait. Even if the current of the water is so weak for move normal soft bait tail, it`s enough to shake the tail of “SHAKE SHAD”. This is the remarkable characteristic of this lure.

Normally the compact softbait of SHAD TAIL on weightless rig does not move his tail in weak current. But “SHAKE SHAD” on weightless rig, under any condition of the water, it moves tail, even if it is on pause.

If retrieve it fast, it can imitates the quick swimming of the escaping baitfish in subsurface, moving the tail quickly producing weak waves.

The special tail MOVABLE PITCH TAIL transforms depend on the speed.

It looks like a normal shad tail. But it equips very special tail named MOVABLE PITCH TAIL.
The special of this tail is changing the form depend on the retrieving speed.
When you retrieving it slowly , the tail moves like shaking strongly.
But when this tail receives fast current of water, the vertical part of the tail will be folded sticking to the body straightly and it will have less resistance.
Then it shows body roll action and imitates well the baitfish swiming around surface quickly moving the tail on high-pitch.

It`s new type of soft bait Straight swim lureXSHAD TAIL

On fast retrieving, it change the shape of the tail to reduce resistance and move the tail quickly. So it produces weak wave from tail. This action is very effective to attract curious of leery bass.
But sometimes only straight swimming is not enough to provoke bite, then reduce speed and change the tail action strongly, this change of the movement and wave provoke bite of difficult leery bass.

It has both merit of the straight swimming lure and shad tail.


3 different types of action by changing the tale shape on different speed. The change of the action and wave attracts fish strongly.

When loosen the tension of the line while retrieving, the high pitch action change to the natural swing action.
Especially when it on weightless rig, weightless rig, light carolina rig, dropshot rig. It`s very effective mix different type of action.

On fast retrieving: the straight swimming with weak waves imitates baitfish move which escaping around surface.

On slow retrieving WITH line tension: High pitch roll action which make vibrate the tail quickly.

On slow retrieving WITHOUHT tension: natural swing action which produces strong wave.

Recommended rigs.

weightless rig

dropshot rig

light carolina rig

trailer de small rubber jig

jig head rig

On weightless rig

As “SHAKE SHAD” moves the tail well on slow current, it`s very effective to retrieving it on super slow speed just below the surface. Also it`s good to changing the retrieving speed for provoke reaction bite.

When bass looking up to surface for prey like in spring or summer morning, it will be good way.

On drop shot rig

Better set the light weight sinker less than 1.5g and move it slowly.
Sometimes rises up rod and make fall action, this fall action provokes good reaction bite.

On light carolina rig

Set the long leader for produce natural and slow movement.
Like this way, it will move like a weightless rig, but on the bottom.
It will work well when the bass is inactive in cold water.

On jig head rig

Use on swimming changing the speed of retrieving.
Just cast and retrieve it, it shows good variable action and attracts fish strongly.
It produces a different type of the wave from body part and from the tail for provoke reaction bite of inactive bass.

On trailer of small rubber jig

Combine with very light weight small rubber jig.
Just set on the small rubber jig, it can show attractive super slow fall.
Normally when fall seed is so slow, the trailer soft bait does not move.
But  “SHAKE SHAD”  has sensitive tail, so it moves the tail attractively while falling.
This fall provokes bite of leery bass.

8 colors



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