SHAD TAIL SWIMMING BAIT “Ammnite Shad”, it gain fame by capture of big bass. -JACKALL-


It`s not a normal SHAD TAIL SWIMMING BAI. It works so well for big size bass.
Al lot of anglers talk so well about “Ammnite Shad”. Some of my friends have his own record of big bass with this swimming bait. Maybe it`s a one of the best swimming bait.



3 different size

length:3inch , 4.5 inch , 5.5 inch
quantity:8 pcs , 6 pcs , 5 pcs

Devilish action which disorder Big bass.

The fishing with SWIMMING BAIT became very popular.
It`s very effective for capture big bass in any season.
It has smooth rolling and produce natural flashing while swimming.

The tail moves briskly all time in any retrieve speed.
Not only for the swimming on weightless rig and jig head rig, also it works good on texas rig, as a trailer of rubberjig and chatterbait.

As material does not contain salt, it has durability.

Combine with swimming jig, PD CHOPPER. 《PD AMMO》 is very well-known as BIG BASS SPECIAL. It attracts big one strongly.


Special parts

Shad tail

It has thin root of the tail but strong. As it has a large surface of the tail, it receives efficiently the current of the water and produce attractive action.
The movement of the tail transmits to the body and produce smooth rolling which very important action for provoke big one.

Rattle hole

On the middle of the body , there is a hole for set rattle.
Like this way, it attracts attention of the bass in less visibility condition.


On weightless rig, it shows original swimming and works so well.
But also it`s very effective use it as a trailer of the rubber jig and chatter bait.
A lot of anglers says thet it is the best trailer for jigs.

If you set on this type of the hook, it`s able to reduce damage for the material.



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