Savage Gear will launch new soft plastic bait “3D Goby Tube” in 2017.


Savage Gear will launch new soft plastic bait  “3D Goby Tube”  in 2017.

Savage Gear USA made special soft bait 3D Goby Tube”  for Bassmaster Classic 2017.


2 models.
3.5inch and 4 inch

Still does not come out details of this lure.
It`s tube type softbait of Goby shape.
As it is Tube bait, it has hollow body.


The both side of the body has big fins which move very naturally in action.
Also while on pause , receive current of water and wave slowly like real alive goby.

All-time it keeps attracting fish.

Use it as Top water bait. It can It can convert into Floating tube bait.

It`s made by 3D SCAN of real goby. So it has real authentic shape of goby.
The head part where insert hook is thick and it had durability.
But it has hollow tube type, so it can save hair inside.
Closing hole, it can maintain high buoyancy and you can use it on weightless-rig as Floating soft plastic bait.
Also set on carolina-rig, it shows natural movement of goby on bottom.
Savage Gear will launch special jig head for this “3D Goby Tube”
In USA, the debut will be in Bassmaster Classic of end of March.

In Japan , if you have opportunity to visit, you can check “3D Goby Tube” on fishing Festival in Nagoya, 17-18 of February 2017.



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