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“RHYTHM CURLY” the super fat tail produces strong wave like a hard baits. -JACKALL- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“RHYTHM CURLY” the super fat tail produces strong wave like a hard baits. -JACKALL-


How use “RHYTHM CURLY” which has powerful tail. -JACKALL-

It`s curly tail soft bait. Attracts bass which are far away by strong waves.


price:800 yen

The strong appeal of waves from tail works very efficiently for any kind of bass, which is active or not.

Characteristic of RHYTHM CURLY” and how use it.

The fat curled tail produce strong waves.

“RHYTHM CURLY” was born as one type of shad tail soft bait , RHYTHMWAVE series.
This soft bait is same as RHYTHM WAVE, it shows attractive swim moving the thick tail strongly pushing and stiring water producing the wave for every directions in any speed from low to high.

By this strong appeal , it is able to attract bass from heavy covers and obstacles.

The interior part of the tail is very thin and exterior part is very thick.
The edge of the tail is sheer. So it grabs well water in any speed.

It has appeal which rises above another soft baits, it`s almost hard bait.

The movement of the tail produces body rolling.
Besides the body is very fat and heavy also has ribs. So it increase strength of appeal.
Also the fat body makes easy to log cast and maintain good posture on swimming.

The slit for avoid snagging and increase possibility of hook-ups.

As it has slit on the center of the body, it`s easy to set the offset hook.
The point of hook will be inside of this slit, so it has high weedless performance.
You can cast it into covers and obstacles area without worry about snagging.
When the bass bite it, the point of hook comes out.

Recommended rigs.

Weightless rig, texas rig, trailer of rubber jig, on any kind of rigs it shows max potential.
I would like to use it in buzzing on weightless rig.
In the open area or weed area, it`s very effective retrieving on surface producing ripples.

On this video , you can see how use “RHYTHM CURLY”.

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