Renovation of crankbaits IK series of IMAKATSU. New series “RUNVOLT” debut.


IMAKATSU renew the crankbaits IK series. It`s newborn as  “RUNVOLT”  series, it`s a compact shallow crankbait for covers

The new crankbait is named 120V.

“RUNVOLT” means that it swims like a lighting quickly and vibrates like electric shock.


The first lure of “RUNVOLT” series is 120V.

It`s a shallow crankbaits for cover area.
From spring to autumn, when the bass rise to shallow, this crankbait will be ideal lure.
Even if this small size of 48mm, it realize long cast and attracts fish by strong vibration.
Also it has high-capacity of snagless in obstacles area.

For protect hook from contact with obstacles , it equips wide lip.
The swimming posture is almost horizontal, and it produces strong wobbling and rolling.
As it does not have the transfer system of the weight, it can trace the obstacle line without change the retrieve line after contact with obstacles.

It dives untill 1.2 m.



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