Recommended soft bait for Furi-rig (Free rig).


Furi-rig has origin in Korea. Also it`s called Free rig. This rig is very popular in competition of Korean bass fishing.
The top anglers are using it for tournament.

It`s very easy to set this rig, and it has high potential.

This time, let`s see the ideal softbaits for free rig.

Special sinker for Furi rig. FURI RIG SINKER TUNGUSTEN from Fish Arrow

For make Furi-rig, just need tear drop shape sinker.
Set the sinker before tie soft bait.

Fish Arrow has launched special sinker for Furi – rig.
This is made by Tungusten and it has long and thin shape for avoid snagging between obstacles.


By Lift& fall , it shows very attractive action.
While going up, the sinker stick to the soft bait and it shows quick move, and while fall, just sinker fall first, and the soft bait falls freely. It shows natural free fall which provoke reaction bite.
It`s good rig for fish in deep area, laydown, vertical rock area.

Let`s see ideal soft bait for Furi-rig.

Flash J-Claw of Fish Arrow.

For produce flashing , the aluminium is inside of the claws.
While falling and swimming, claws moves well producing flashing.

FA Hog, 3.5 inch of Fish arrow


It`s made with Gary Yamamoto.
It has the thick body with high density and produce slide falling.

Stagger Wide of HIDEUP

The flat body glides on the water smoothly imitating the real bait fish.
The fast movement of the lift, produce sharp vibration of the tail.

Crazy Flapper of KEITECH

So busy movement of the legs and claws attract fish strongly.
These parts stirs water strongly.

Spoon Tail Live Roll of Nories

It has real shape of the bait fish.
As it has double structure of the body, by rolling movement , it produce natural flashing.

You can find the best combination with your favorite soft bait.

Also it is very good rig for salt water fishing. As it has high snagless capability, it`s good for rock fish.



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