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“RAYS VIB” metal liplessbait with tinsel tail, it attracts fish on pause? -DAIWA- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“RAYS VIB” metal liplessbait with tinsel tail, it attracts fish on pause? -DAIWA-


“RAYS VIB”  metal liplessbait with tinsel tail, it attracts fish on pause? -DAIWA-

New way to use of metal liplessbait. During on pause on the bottom, it attracts fish.


6 models
length:32mm , 40mm , 47mm , 50mm , 57.5mm , 63mm
weight: 3/16oz , 1/4oz , 3/8oz , 1/2oz , 3/4oz , 1oz

By LIFT&FALL action, it can provoke reaction bite.
It`s typical use of any kind of metal liplessbait.

RAYS VIB” has 2 special things which another metal liplessbait does not have.

The tinsel tail had solved problem of line twist to hook while free-falling.

This tinsel tail solved typical metal liplessbait`s line trouble.
While falling, this tinsel tail into between line and hook and prevent line stick to hook.
You can take advantage of attractive fall of metal lipless without worry about twist line.

Attract fish little by little like soft plastic bait.
When it pause on bottom, the tinsel tail receives water current and waves like tail fin of fish and attracts fish. Also this power of movement of tail transmit to body and the body moves.
This movements make fish decide to bite it.
Also on free-falling and steady-retrieving, this tail moves naturally like a tail fin.


Special parts.

Tinsel tail.


Lot of anlglers are thinking, when we use metal liplessbait, majority of bite occurs while falling. But also often occurs bite while pause on bottom.
This tinsel tail provoke bite while pause more efficiently. While pause on bottom, tail receives the current and keep waving.
Attracts bass all time.

2 line eyes.


As it has tinsel tail, normal steady-retrieve also effective for attract bass.
If you tight line on front eye, it produce high-pitch vibration.
If you tight the line on rear eye, it shows wide and strong vibration.
Also it`s easy to tune. You can change tinsel to blade.
And lower side has 3 eyes, so you can set blade or change place of hook.
You can tune how you want, depend on the condition.




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