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Publicity of my prefecture IBARAKI-ken in Japan. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Publicity of my prefecture IBARAKI-ken in Japan.

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Today I will do publicity of my prefecture in Japan. The prefecture named IBARAKI-ken.

It`s situated 40 km north-east of Tokyo.

Prefecture with lot of lakes, rivers and beautiful pacific coast.

My prefecture of Japan, IBARAKI-ken has second biggest lake in Japan. The biggest lake in Japan is Biwako, second is our KASUMIGAURA.
This lake Kasumigaura is famous for Bass fishing. In this lake takes place Bass fishing tournament.
Some competitions of fishing for year hold in this lake.


Also many videos of lure company, or fishing magazines are filmed this lake or rivers,canals come out from this lake.

Lure companies use this lake for place of new product test.


Around this lake Kasumigaura, there are lot of rivers and pond. Most of these rivers and pond are connected with Kasumigaura, so sometimes we can find big bass in these secret waters.

Perfecture IBARAKI is agriculture country. Especially rice field. So many flumes in everywhere.

In these flumes , you can find lot of variety of fish, black bass, bluegill, cat fish, carps…also near pacific coast you can fish SEABASS in river or lake.


Also you can enjoy salt water fishing in ocean.
The east side of Ibaraki face to Pacific ocean. The total length of the cost is 190km.
100km of south part is sand, so you can get nice size of flat fish, and sea bass using lures.


90km of north part is rock and cliff. Using softbait , you can enjoy rockfish fishing also egging.


There are a lot of place where you can fish Bass and catfish from shore.

 The most famous place of bass fishing in my prefecture is Kasumigaura.

This lake has a lot of fishing port, natural beach with sand, concrete wall, natural soil shore with vegetation, the area of reeds, water-lily pad area and lot of water gates which are connected with flumes.


This year I fished this beautiful bass in Kasumigaura, in the area of river influx to lake.

I was using big jointed bait EELER of Megabass. Jerking this lure next to concrete wall which covered with vegetation.


In the river comes out from kasumigaura. using pencilbait.


South part of my prefecture, in pond Inbanuma.
This area, the shore of river and pond, all covered with vegetation.


Crankbait Peanut of DAIWA. In the river which flows into river Tonegawa.
Tonegawa has biggest size of a drainage basin in Japan.
My friend`s picture.


Also we have aquarium which can enjoy with family.
They has the largest collection of sharks in Japan.


I am from south part of prefecture IBARAKI.
There are a lot of place for fishing.
I putted star mark on the place where I fished.


Still there are so many river and ponds where I have never been for fishing.



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