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【2】The best combination of Chatter bait and trailer. O.S.P BLADE JIG x DoLiveStick o DoLiveShad | Lure Fishing JAPAN

【2】The best combination of Chatter bait and trailer. O.S.P BLADE JIG x DoLiveStick o DoLiveShad


For pre spawn bass, O.S.P BLADE JIG x DoLiveShad

When the temperature of the water is still low, combination of 5/8 oz +DoLiveShad 4.5 inch shows strong potential.
With this combination, you can fish 4m depth.
This setting is recommended use on slow speed retrieving.
By slow retrieving, it produces slow roll and natural move and wave,it attracts fish efficiently.

Later when start increasing the water temperature and fish rises to 3m range, you can chose 1/2oz.

When fish rise to less han 2.5m depth , set 3/8 oz (DoLiveShad 3.5 inch). Like this way, it`s very comfortable to fish on super slow retrieving on just above the table of the plants.

Important is reduce vibration of blade by slow speed and use it as swimbait. Natural and less appeal bring fish to bite it.

For fish post spawn bass. + DoLiveStick

For fish the bass which does not have enough power to prey after spawn, the best trailer will be DoLiveStick.

Like this way, it can reduce strength of the appeal, make bass to easy to attack it.
This pin tail shows light movement and it provoke reaction bite, too.


In summer, july – august also , it can be ideal lure for search bass around the weed on deep by slow swimming.

What is the special of O.S.P Blade Jig?

Normally chatter bait equips metal lip.
But this BLADE JIG equips ttransparent plastic lip.

Why plastic lip and transparent??

It for produce high-pitch vibration on slow swimming, and produce natural comfortable sound.

Also in clear water, the natural flashing of transparent lip will be ideal appeal. Often clear water fish does not like too strong flashing of metal.

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