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【1】The best combination of Chatter bait and trailer. IMAKATSU WING DRAGON x FLASH NEEDLE SHAD | Lure Fishing JAPAN

【1】The best combination of Chatter bait and trailer. IMAKATSU WING DRAGON x FLASH NEEDLE SHAD


In the Biwa lake of Japan, using chatter bait and fish spring and summer big bass is very popular.

Chatter bait is one type of bladed jig, it equips a blade front of the jig head and produce strong vibration on swimming.
It also has skirts and wave it on retrieving. It looks like a natural silhouette of the bait fish.
The natural wave and movement , strong knocking sound which produced by this lure attract fish efficiently from far.

It`s an ideal search lure for open water.

Today let`s see the best combination of the chatter bait and trailer.


For fish in 3 m depth, where Big Bass stays in early spring.
Irregular move provoke reaction bite.

This chatter bait IMAKATSU WING DRAGON is ideal one for fish in deep of 2-3m.
In the area where grow up water-weed from the bottom, just retrieve it above the plants.
Spring and pre spawn season, the big bass used to be between these plants of deep.
Even if the bass is not active for feed, the strong movement and irregular action attracts big bass whcih hide in the plants strongly and make them to bite it by reflex.

 What is special of WING DRAGON?

Normally chatter bait rises up to surface when you retrieve it on fast speed.
But this WING DRAGON can maintain 2-3m of depth where pre spawn bass stays. Even if you retrieve it fast for provoke reaction bite, it does not rise up to surface.

You can use it like a spinner bait for fast search of fish in open area.

If you retrieve it slowly, just produce vibration of the body and blades. Depend on the condition, sometimes it works well on slow retrieving less appeal.

But it designed especially on fast retrieving for produce irregular action and provoke reaction bite.

On fast retrieving, you can see the potential of WING DRAGON.

Wing Arm which avoid snagging.

WING DRAGON equips 2 wires which comes out from the head.
This part is called WING ARM and it has 2 function.
First function is for equip trailers. You can set 2 trailers and it increase strength of appeal. Attract fish efficiently.
Second function is these 2 arms works as wire guard for avoid snagging. So you can retrieve it between plants like a spinner bait.

The best trailer for WING DRAGON is FLASH NEEDLE SHAD.

Slim shape of FLASH NEEDLE SHAD, avoid the lure rise up.


As it equips alumium inside of the body, it shows flashing.

It is very efficient in deep water for attract big bass.

19 colors

Also it has few variety of colors of blade.



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