【VIDEO】New shape of the ringed soft bait “Twintail Ringer”, it shows amazing movement while free fall. –EVER GREEN-


New softbait from EVER GREEN “Twintail Ringer” it works so well for any kind of rigs. Whole body is covered by ribs. The twin long tail shows very charm action.


“Twintail Ringer” has 4.7 inch.
From the top pf the head to end of the long tails , it is covered with rings. While it falls to bottom, these long tails wave very naturally and attractively. It imitates shrimp so well.

The material contains a lot salt and it has high density, so it`s easy to cast and control. With baitfinesse tackle also you can use it comfortably.


It is perfect soft plastic bat for any kind of rigs. For trailer of chatter bait, dropshot rig, neko rig, texas rig, carolina rig , wacky rig.etc…

Also it can produce BACK SLIDE FALL.


 12 colors

It will be available from end of april.



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