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“Walking Shrimp” Berkley will launch easy dog-walk soft plastic bait which use on surface. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“Walking Shrimp” Berkley will launch easy dog-walk soft plastic bait which use on surface.


Today let`s see the one type of FROG which has shrimp shape which will be released from Berkley.

It`s called “Walking Shrimp”. Designed for make easy the dog-walk action on open area also in cover area.

In this year , it seems to the special material topwater soft plastic baits will be popular.
Normally these lures have insect or frog shape.
But Berkley will launch shrimp shape one.

“Walking Shrimp

It`s named “Walking Shrimp”. It has a shrimp shape, but also it is able to imitate frog or insect on surface.

In spring and summer, the shrimps of fresh water rise to surface and swim around surface and shallow, sometimes jump out from the water. In this season, black bass and cat-fish, another predator fish are feeding on these shrimps.

It`s well-known that the frog and popper are very efficient n this season of shrimp, cause it can imitate them.

Then Berkley will launch “Walking Shrimp”. It will be the perfect bait for this season for attract fish to surface.

Special action. (Video)

It`s very easy to make dog-walk action for beginners too.
Just twitch the rod, it shows quick and sharp dog-walk action.
The long claws and feeler works as brake and helm, so it can turn sharply in short pitch.

It can attract fish in pin-point.

Special of  “Walking Shrimp

The body is made by U.L.D.T Material , this material has high buoyancy and high durability.
The part where put the hook does not break easily.

It comes with offset hook of 4/0.


As it has deep slit for protect hook point from contact with obstacles, you can cast it into heavy covers or obstacles area.

U.L.D.T Material : As material itself has high buoyancy, so it does not need hollow body structures.
So it does not change buoyancy like a hollow body frog. Always maintains his body on surface.
The material is very soft but it has high durability.

This material is also used for famous insect shape lure King AOKIMUSHI , also for Power POP 70.



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