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“MODEL Ⅲ Swim Jig” weedless rubber jig for use on swimming. SWING IMPACT transforms into the best swimbait with it -KEITECH- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“MODEL Ⅲ Swim Jig” weedless rubber jig for use on swimming. SWING IMPACT transforms into the best swimbait with it -KEITECH-


“MODEL Ⅲ Swim Jig” of KEITECH is a rubber jig which has special structure for use on swimming . It`s a high weedless potential swim jig which you can retrieve between obstacles area.

What is “MODEL Ⅲ Swim Jig” !?

It has compact head with banana shape made by tungsten.
It equips screw with skirt , also strong hook for capture big bass.
For gain the stability on swimming and weedless performance , it equips special parts.


It`s desined use on retrieving, it`s not ordinary rubber jig.

It shows very natural swimming just under surface to medium range depth.
Also it produces attractive action when it contact to obstacles or weeds. The skirt moves like it is alive and increase volume of silhouette.

Combine with SWING IMPACT FAT 4.8

KEITECH recommends combine with SWING IMPACT FAT 4.8 inch.
Like this , they bring out more than maximum potential of each others.
The skirts covers the front part of the trailer and it looks like the natural bait fish body`s movement while swimming.
This silhouette makes softbait transform into real bait fish.

The special shape of the head stabilizes swimming, also increase appeal producing the complex waves.
And this shape make better the potential of weedless, when contact with obstacles, it slide on it. It makes easy to retrieve between obstacles without snagging.


The special parts: Just for capture monster bass.


The skirts is fixed on the screw.
The fibers have tension and even if you retrieves it fast, it does not lost good volume shape.
It maintains good silhouette in all retrieving speed. The fibers are thick and push water strongly.


It can fix well trailers.
First you screw the trailer and set on it, later fix it on the hook.

Head and Hook.

It`s special designed for set with SWING IMPACT FAT 4.8” as trailer.
The head is made by tungsten. It has banana shape and the situate under the head part of the trailer. Like this way, it maintains stability and slide on the obstacles.

How set trailer.

It does not have weed guard, but the special shape og hook and the head deliver the good weedless potential, hiding the hook point inside of the trailer.
So easy to retrieve it between lay down submerged trees and rocks without snagging.

First set the screw into trailer.
After that, set the hook.
It`s so simple.


weight:3.5g / 7g / 11g / 14g

6 colors



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