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【Evaluation】cast feeling of 16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG. -SHIMANO- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

【Evaluation】cast feeling of 16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG. -SHIMANO-

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【Evaluation】cast feeling of 16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG. -SHIMANO-

Casting check with some lures.


reel:16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG  (number of magnet brake:6)
rod:Mola MSGC-62MLXXF
linel:fluoro 8lb

Depend on the rod, condition, casting technic , feeling will be very different.
It`s my impression of cast feeling. I don’t know it will be useful information for another anglers.


FLICK SHAKE SIGHT MAGIC 4.8 inch, weightless-rig, weight:4.1g


Brake level:5

It was quite difficult. Smooth side casting, it`s posiible without problem.
But for cast into under the over-hang on low trajectory, one time for every 3 times occurred light backlash.
Maybe cause of lack of my casting technic.

DoLiveCurly 4.5inch, (nail siner:0.9g) total weight:5.2g


Brake level:4
It was very comfortable to cast this lure.
Casting under the over-hang also very easy without occurs backlash.
I started from brake 5, but later I changed to 4, without problem.

The difference of the weight between Flick shake and this rig is 1g but there is big difference.

Bevy Shad 60 SP weight:4.8g


Brake level:4

It`s the most easy lure for casting in these 3 lures.
Easy to cast low-trajectory quickly, but it does not occur backlash.
I did not try, but maybe withe brake 4 also able to cast comfortably.
It`s not heaviest lure in these 3 lures, but aerodynamic of lure help easy casting.

FTB magnet brake.


This reel equips special brake system called FTB.
Control the strength of brake by magnet. It`s not SVS (brake by centrifugal force), typical brake of SHIMANO.

It`s magnetic force controlled, but it does not have feeling of braking all time. Without stress the lure fly to far.

The spool does not have surpluss parts and it`s light-weight. After pass the dangerous speed which cause backlash, the spool rotates without braking untill lure touch down water.   I had feeling like this.
It`s just my feeling, I don`t know the mechanism works like this.


It`s very good reel as bait finesse.
You can use it comfortably.
On weightless-rig, sometimes happens backlash. But it`s not acute.
If the lure weight more than 5g, it`s very comfortable to casting.
I am not good at casting, but I could use it easily. SO for another anglers who has skills, it will be very easy&comfortable reel.

10 years ago, we could not image that casting light weight lure like bavyshad with bait casting tackle.

It`s magnific reel.



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  1. SALVATORE says:

    Dear ser,the 16 aldebaran’s bfs xg spool bearing are abec7 ceramic bearing?

    • higufurupadtue says:

      Thank you so much for comment.
      I tried to get information about bearing, but I could not get the information about that.
      When I knew, I will contact you.

      Thank you for visiting Lurefishing Japan.