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“Kicker Bug” Monster Bass killer, mutant of crayfish. -EVERGREEN- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“Kicker Bug” Monster Bass killer, mutant of crayfish. -EVERGREEN-


“Kicker Bug” Monster Bass killer, mutant of crayfish. -EVERGREEN-

Balls on the tips make every part move on different way and strongly.


“Kicker Bug”
2 models.
length:3.5inch / 4.5inch
quantity:8pcs / 6pcs
price:918 yen

It`s one of the most famous crayfish softbait of EVERGREEN.
It`s popular lure to capture monster bass.
It`s designed by Toshifumi Kikumoto.
Every tip of legs equip balls and produce special vibration for attract bass.
2 flapping scissors push water strongly when fall on bottom. This action of the body and claws fall flat on bottom provoke fish to bite.
The softbait falls flat on the bottom after touch down.This is the most effective action which stimulates behavior of bass.
In the natural world, when crayfish rises their claws for threaten fish, normally bass does not attack it or even if attacks just for claws. The bass wait the next action of crayfish for attack.
After threaten action, crayfish prepare to escaping jumping to behind. When change from threaten to escape position, cray fish fall flat their claws, Bass waiting this moment to attack it.
“Kicker Bug” shows this action to provoke bass when touch bottom. This lure stimulates behavior of bass.

The special parts.

Flapping scissors
These balls increase weight of tip and produce strong action to push water.
After touch bottom, fall flat claws and provoke fish.



Legs with balls.
The tips of legs have balls and make special vibration.


Lines on abdomen.
This groove contains bubbles like real crayfish and when make action, let bubbles out to attract bass.


9:48~ starts using “Kicker Bug”



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