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【SUMMARY】Special reel for bait finesse. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

【SUMMARY】Special reel for bait finesse.

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【SUMMARY】Special reel for bait finesse.

 Reel for bait finesse

baitfiness1Bait finesse became very popular in these years.
With bait finesse tackle, you can cast light weight lures which untill now you had to use spinning tackle.
Bait finesse has a lot of good points which spinning dies not have.
Even if using 8lb thick line, you can cast light rigs, also it has more precision of casting, efficient casting.
Now every maker has special reel for bait finesse.

This time, let`s see about these bait finesse reel.

Bait finesse reels on market.



Reel of SHIMANO, special for bait finesse.
It has base on 15 ALDEBARAN, it has developed body and spool for bait finesse.
It`s equipped new break system“FTS” which is like hybrid of magnet break system and centrifugal force break system. SHIMANO launched this reel in spring of 2016. As it has compact body, it`s easy to hold well. Every body talk very good about casting performance of this reel. It has drug sound like spinning reel.


baitfiness3 It has base on 12 ALDEBARAN. It`s limited edition for 2015. It`s equipped shallow spool. Untill the debut of 16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG, it was the best bait finesse reel of SHIMANO.


baitfiness4 It`s midium class bait finesse reel of DAIWA.
Thanks to AIR BREAK system, you can cast very light lure easily in low trajectory. So lot of anglers chose this reel.


baitfiness5The newest bait finesse reel of DAIWA.It`s lower class reel, but the quality and performance is very good. Lot of people say “Almost no difference with SS AIR, maybe better ALPHAS AIR”. It has simple color design. Not so much red like another model. Economic and high performance, it`s very popular bait finesse reel.



It is the first bait finesse reel in Japan. It passed many years since debut of this reel. It`s superior class reel, but now we have a lot of new model, so people start changing from this reel to another new models.

Abu Garcia REVO LTX-BF8

baitfiness7Abu launched new bait finesse reel in 2016. This is the lightest reel, only 129 g. It realized put off weight keeping strength. The body is made by magnesium. I tried this reel, it`s too light and strange feeling. The compact size body is easy to hold.

Abu Garcia REVO LTX

baitfiness8It exist from beginning of boom of bait finesse. Still lot of anglers keep using it. The design is very simple. I surprised when I saw the shallow spool of this reel at first time. 2011~2012, SHIMANO and DAIWA did not have so much models of bait finesse. So lot of anglers were using this LTX.

Bait finesse tune of normal bait casting reel.

baitfiness9Also there is another option to cast light weight lures. Changing some parts of your normal baitcasting reel and make bait finesse tune. Even if you don’t buy special bait finesse reel paying more than 400 euro, just buying the parts of 50~100 euro, you can transform your reel to bait finesse.

It`s very efficient to change to light spool. I bought Avail spool for my 07 Metanium mg and Calcutta Conquest 100. Just change spool, you can cast light weight lures easily. You can gain ig difference of capability of casting.

Also it`s good to change bearing for special to bait finesse.
HEDGHOG has much variety of bait finesse bearings.



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