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New concept rig “DRIVE WACKY” spinnerbait which constructed by softbait Madball. -deps- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

New concept rig “DRIVE WACKY” spinnerbait which constructed by softbait Madball. -deps-


New concept rig “DRIVE WACKY” spinnerbait which constructed by softbait Madball. -deps-

“DRIVE WACKY” spinnerbait-rig which constructed by soft plastic bait


It`s new rig which use softbait of deps “MADBALL”on wacky-rig on swimming.
Set the rubber skirt on it, and use as spinnerbait.
This is DRIVE WACKY rig.

Not only swimming vibration, also has big appeal when the bait touch bottom. The rubber skirt spread when touch bottom and the special tail of “MADBALL” makes natural movement and attract fish.

Changing the size of the sinker, you can choose setting of posture of swimming and swimming depth.

“DRIVE WACKY” is very useful rig for search fish in open area like spinnerbait , using his strong appeal. Also fish in pin-point in structure area as rubberjig or neko-rig.

Special of DRIVE WACKY

“MADBALL” produces complex vibration and rolling action on swimming.
The erratic action of tail of “MADBALL” attracts fish.
On the head part equipped sinker, so this part touching the bottom and transmit us the condition of the bottom, also it works as lip of crankbait and prevent snagging.

It`s easy to control depth and posture of swimming, just changing the weight of sinker.

It has 2 characteristic from spinnerbait and neko-rig. It can use on swimming, also fishing on bottom as neko-rig.




1.Put rubber skirt using the rubber bando on the hook.
2.Put fook on the central part of the body.
3.Set Florida sinker (7-9g) on the head of softbait.


For slow retrieving(LEFT pic): Set the hook on the flat side of the softbait. Then the tip of tail look up. The flat side of softbait and tail receiving water and create drug resistance while retrieving.
Even if you retrieve it slowly, produce strong action.
It`s the basic setting of DRIVE WACKY 

For fast retrieving(RIGHT pic): When fish in clear water or no wind, when you want less appeal this setting will works. Set the hook in oppositw side of slow retrieving setting. Like this way, the tip of the tail looks down. The water drug resistance will reduce.

Better put off the rubber skirt, like this way you can retrieve fast for provoke reaction bite.



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