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Paddle tail “YAGO” deformed silhouette acts various types of baitfish. -KAESU- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Paddle tail “YAGO” deformed silhouette acts various types of baitfish. -KAESU-


Paddle tail “YAGO” deformed silhouette acts various types of baitfish. -KAESU-

Multi-use paddle tail.


“YAGO” means larva of dragonfly..

material:high buoyancy

It`s made by high buoyancy material. Setting thin hook on weightless-rig , it will float on surface.
For imitate well crustacean , the material is hard. So body does not bend and it able to produce big movement of the tail.

On middle range setting light weight sinker , it`s good at making light DART action.

It`s SOMETHING which attract fish strongly.

On drophshot-rig setting offset hook and maker body part fixed, on this way, only tail vibrates and it can imitate well baitfish which swimming above the bottom.

Setting light weight sinker, it can make light DART action imitating baitfish stay on middle range.

On jighead or splitshot-rig, it imitates shrimp or goby which jumping on bottom. The high buoyancy and hard material produce quick moves and smooth fall for provoke bite.

On texas-rig, it moves like insects which crawl on the bottom as larva of dragonfly.

yago5 yago6

Also “YAGO” transformes into ideal trailer for rubberjig or chatterbait.
It shows attractive movement on bottom bumping with rubberjig, also swimming with chatterbait.


The body

The back part has keel. The body is thick and it has triangle cross-section.


Material of the body is hard but flexible. It has good tension for imitate various types of baitfish movement.
On middle range, it transforms into baitfish.
On the bottom, it moves like shrimp , goby and insects.
On obstacles area and vegetation covers, it imitates crustacean.
Bass bite it without hesitation.

The tail.

You can change the shape of the tail depend on the rig or baitfish which you want.

On original tail has a large surface for receive water.
It falls gliding by this large tail. Bottom bumping action push water strongly.
On jighead or texas-rig, it can imitate well baitfish move of pecking the bottom.

Cutting the center of the tail, it produce quick tail action and the silhouette will be more real. Also increase strength of appeal. It`s ideal for use on middle range swimming or for trailer of chatterbait.






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