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"OVER REAL 63 WAKE" I went to O.S.P office for ask about new brand. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“OVER REAL 63 WAKE” I went to O.S.P office for ask about new brand.

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The another day, I went to O.S.P office in Tokyo. They showed me the lure of new series. The first work is “OVER REAL 63 WAKE”.

The head office of O.S.P is in hachiouji , Tokyo.
In the office, there is full of lures of all O.S.P. But I saw one lure which I have never seen.

This is new lure of O.S.P for this spring. Proto type model was introduced as “ORIKIN WAKE MINNOW” in famous magazine.

This time, I will introduce about this lure which I saw in O.S.P office.


Like this way OVER REAL 63 WAKE” was born.

It`s called OVER REAL 63 WAKE
It`s lure of new brand of O.S.P. This new brand is named O.S.P WORKS LOCO.
This lure is produced by Orikane Kazuki who is known as Orikin.

This lure had been born 8 years ago already. But in that moment, O.S.P had concept of the development of the lureWe produce standard lure which can be used during 10 years.

In those days, O.S.P was concentrated to make crankbait , minnow, shad…serious standards lures.
So “OVER REAL 63 WAKE”which has eccentric concept was not commercialized.

O.S.P was too serious making lures, they were focused just for fish efficiently.

Later, little by little O.S.P went changing.Now they start producing lures thinking inInteresting and funny lure, amazing lures, original one.

Besides, now we have good fishing rod and reel which can cast light weight lures comfortably.

So finally , after 8 years, “OVER REAL 63 WAKE” will be available.


Let`s see the characteristic of “OVER REAL 63 WAKE”.

Target field
The lake where is small baitfish on surface.
“OVER REAL 63 WAKE” is imitating this fish of the picture.
It has 63mm.

Diversity of action.

This lure shows various types of attractive action.
I saw his swimming in test aquarium. It was so impressive, the huge variety of the action which shows this lure.
It`s compact and it has real baitfish aspect, but the action can be furious.

On steady-retrieving, it shows wobbling and rolling swimming, twisting the body as snake.
On the slow retrieve, it shows straight swim.
On twitching, it imitates the baitfish which escape from predators.
On pause, it moves smoothly receiving the current…etc…

Jointed part.

It has enough play to move the tail widely.
When you retrieve it, it moves smoothly but widely. The rear part chase movement of the front part with few delay.


It has only one hook.
It`s able to add hook on rear part. But thanks to the real looks and action, the bite is very deep.
So one hook is enought…told Orikin.


Both sides and rear has special material feather.
Rear tail feather moves slowly imitating the movement of the tail.
While on pause also it wave in current and provokes fish.
The side feather imitate pectoral fin.

Difference between i-Waver and OVER REAL 63 WAKE

The silhouette is very similar to i-Waver.
“OVER REAL 63 WAKE” has stronger appeal. Just retrieve it , it shows attractive big move.
i-Waver is for clear water by modest appeal.
“OVER REAL 63 WAKE” is for normal water to muddy water.
It can attract fish from far by strong appeal.
It`s ideal for SEARCH BAIT.


By Orikin.


available:april, 2017-



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