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“ORIKANEMUSHI Daddy” of O.S.P is the one of the best insect shape softbait. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“ORIKANEMUSHI Daddy” of O.S.P is the one of the best insect shape softbait.


“ORIKANEMUSHI Daddy” of O.S.P is the one of the best insect shape softbait.

40cm bass, later I felt pain in my finger…

That day I went to the lake of Chiba prefecture with my friend.


Early morning, when we arrived to lake, there were fog.
Good feeling.
I started cast floating softbait  “ORIKANEMUSHI Daddy”.


The 1st bass of this day. I casted to shore, the moment softbaits fall to surface, bass came out and swallowed it. This bass was thin.38 cm. 4 hours past since we started fishing. orikanechoukou3

2nd fish. 43cm. I casted lure to shore. 3 small bass of 20 cm were chasing lure, but from the deep appeared this bass and bitted it.


But when I catched bass struggled in boat, I noticed pain in my finger.
The needle of dorsal fin stab into my finger.



I used only ORIKANEMUSHI Daddy

Almost all shore of this lake is like this. Covered with vegetation.
Perfect situation for use floating insect softbaits.
I repeat casting it between these over hanged vegetation. A lot of bluegill were attacking to lure.


Third bass. I casted lure to the tree in the water.
I left lure floating during few seconds, suddenly comes out good one from deep.


4th bass. It was sight fished. I saw one bass floating near surface. I cast lure near him, and shake the lure for make ripples,,soon bass came to lure and swallow it.


This “ORIKANEMUSHI Daddy” brought me 4 good bass.

How fun, fishing with floating insect softbait. You can see how bass attack to lures.




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