One year and half…finally I fished with swimbait “ZOE”!! So emotional…


How happy , I kept casting “ZOE” during 1 year and half, finally I fished special one.

1 year and half…keep casting ZOE


I wanted to fish using this lure!!
Since I got to know bigbait of T.H.tackle, I was dreaming fish Bass using this bigbaits.
Especially I like ZOE series of T.H.tackle. It has amazingly beautiful appearance.

Even if casting it every time when I went to fish, I could not fish. I was wondering that really I can fish with this lure…
But often I saw in the fishing magazine about some bass fishing professional anglers also using ZOE series in their private fishing.
Really I was desiring to fish with this lure, but it was not easy.
When I cast it, sometimes Bass came to check lures or chasing it, but they did not attack to lure.
When the bass was closing to lure, I had to make some action to provoke bite. But I could not make attractive action with my skill. It swim straight way, and just I could stop & go or twitching…
So they did not attack to lure.

Finally I fished beautiful bass!!

But I was keeping casting it , dreaming to fish big one with this lure. And it past 1 year and half.
At least, last month when I went to fishing, I could fish beautiful one with my Little ZOE.



In the lake near Tokyo.
Under the rain, I was casting it next to bush of reeds near shore.
One time I casted it and let it sink 30cm, and I start retrieving slowly……then I noticed bite of fish. The size is just 35 cm, but what an emotion. It`s special fish for me, which I was waiting sooooo long time. This beautiful bass made me so happy during few days! And it became nice memory!
There are lures which I can fish bass easily than this lure. Using softbait, fishing a lot is fun.
But fish using special lure which we like, this way brings us special emotion.
I think you can understand this feeling.
Already past few weeks after I fished bass with ZOE, but writing this article remembering about that day….still brings me special feeling…I am smiling.
Now I am 30 years old, there are not so much moment that I can feel real happiness in daily life. But fishing, especially when I fish how I image, or using my favorite lure, with good friends, these make me sooo happy.
For me, the fishing brings me this special feeling.
I am so happy that I can enjoy fishing.

I remember about old chinese proverb

For feel happiness during 1 hour, drink alcohol.
For feel happiness during 3 days, get marry.
For feel happiness during 8 days, kill pig and eat.


For feel happiness forever, learn how fish!!

According to this proverb, seems to we know how feel happiness all our life.



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