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O.S.P “DoLive Curly” Fished 45cm blackbass using Neko-rig! short video | Lure Fishing JAPAN

O.S.P “DoLive Curly” Fished 45cm blackbass using Neko-rig! short video


I went to fishing to Chiba prefecture(near Tokyo).
I putted wearable camera on me while fish.
That day I was using “DoLive Curly” of O.S.P.

The rig was Neko-rig. There are lot of obstacles in water and very easy to snag, so I choosed “NSS HOOK” of FINA. This hook is special designed for avoid snagging, use on Neko-rig.

I found good place to fish next to bridge, there were irregular current behind 4 piers of bridge.(which can see on the picture)


I repeated casting to pier of bridge, but once I missed cast and caused backlash on my baitcasting reel.

Fortunately it was not so heavy backlash so I could fix this backlash in few seconds.The luck came during when I was fixing line…..
After finished fix line I start retrieve to catch lure.Then I felt fish drags line toward center of river.


I was imaging 30cm class black bass, but fish drag line so strong, and hard to bring to shore, maybe this black bass is grow up in fast current river so fish has strong.
Finally I could catch this beautiful fish.

It was blackbass which line trouble brought to me. How good luck I had, haha. But I was so happy when I saw this fish.


The size measured 48cm.


rod: Molla MSGC-62MLXXF

reel : SS AIR

line : Nylon 7lb

lure : O.S.P DoLiveCurly

camera : Q-camera ACX1



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