“NZ Crawler” big noisy with huge wings. Mass-production model will come out from deps.


deps will launch big size noisy  “NZ Crawler” on mass-production model.

Original model was made by wood.
But this deps`s mass-production model is made by resin.

“NZ Crawler”  moves well on dead slow retrieving, also in steady retrieving thanks to special shape and material of the wing and body balance.

It will be on market before summer.

Characteristic of  “NZ Crawler”


weight:3oz (84g)

It has high buoyancy and huge mass for move surface strongly.
It produces very high appeal. Just drift it on surface , predators will notice the existence of this lure.

Big volume and flat body and lovely face.


The body has big volume and flat shape. The face looks like a cat fish.
On the tail equip blade and produce flashing and sounds.
It will be good lure for search fish in open area by strong appeal.
Also on short distance of swimming, it can produce attractive action efficiently. It`s ideal for pin-spot, too.


Wing made by stainless, and it is very thick.
So it make strong wave and characteristic sounds and swimming.
It works well on any retrieving speed.


It has bolt in each side of the body.
It helps for avoid rocking of the wing, so all moment the wing move smoothly.

Changing the length of this bolt, you can modify the pitch of the action and crack sounds.



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