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New super shallow crankbait of EVERGREEN “Clutch Hitter” | Lure Fishing JAPAN

New super shallow crankbait of EVERGREEN “Clutch Hitter”


NEW!! “Clutch Hitter” of EVERGREEN, super shallow crankbait indispensable.

EVERGREEN MODO had launched super shallow crankbait of super strong appeal.
Today let`s see the characteristic and how use. Also yu can check the action on video.

“Clutch Hitter”
price:1,674 yen


It`s designed for fish on 0 – 0.3m depth efficiently speedy.
It`s very effective for bass which preying around surface – subsurface range, but when the bass does not rise up to surface to attack topwater plug.

Place for use Clutch Hitter. How use it?.

The area where are weed table submerged. You can retrieve it above the weed table.
Also it`s very effective retrieve it by covers.
Just one turn of the reel handle , it produces strong and attractive action which attracts bass strongly from deep covers or bottom of the weed table. It brings bass to bite quickly without snagging to obstacles.

Characteristic of Clutch Hitter and special parts.


Front part is thick and rear part is very thin. It has round form.
This lure produces strong action and strong sound which can drag fish out from obstacles.
On pause while rising to surface, the body shakes. This action provokes bite effectively.

The lip.
It has wide and very thin lip. The thickness is 0.8mm. It produces high pitch and quick action. It shows wide wobbling swim.
This wide lip protects hook from contact with obstacles efficiently. It has high snagless performance.
When contacts with obstacles, if make pause, it shows spontaneous action which vibrates body.

It produces low sound by high pitch and wide wobbling.
It equips 2 types of rattle. One is made by stainless and another is tungsten.
This mix sounds attracts big bass.
Also these rattles works for realize long casting.


It has fixed weight in the body, but it can realize long distance casting. As this weight is fixed in the body, just start retrieving, it start making action immediately.
It has very good balance on fast –slow retrieving.

When the temperature increase and bass start to rise to shallow, you can enjoy fishing with this super shallow carnkbait.



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