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New style BOTTOM SWIMMER swimbaite “TOBIKICHI” bigbait for fish on bottom also it transformed in topwater. -BOMBADA AGUA- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

New style BOTTOM SWIMMER swimbaite “TOBIKICHI” bigbait for fish on bottom also it transformed in topwater. -BOMBADA AGUA-


New style BOTTOM SWIMMER swimbait  “TOBIKICHI”  bigbait which can fish in deep.

Untill now normal bigbaits are for fish on surface , subsurface or shallow area with slalom action moving the body like a snake.
But this bigbait “TOBIKICHI” is different.
It`s for fish in deep with modest action which imitate natural swim of inactive fish.


Originally  “TOBIKICHI”  was made for capture monster fish in lake BIWA. It has a lot of enthusiastic fans. It`s hand made lure. So it`s hard to get it, it seems to have to wait 2-3 years.

NEW TOBIKICHI was launched by plastic mass-production model.

It`s SLOW-SINKING. It sinks to the bottom slowly.
While it falls to the bottom , also pause on the bottom, it receives current and the body waves smoothly modestly like inactive fish on bottom.

The way to use is so easy. Just retrieve it slowly , the speed which retrieve slug of line, so slowly.
Like this, it shows modest action swim tracing bottom line.

This new plastic version has better long casting performance.

The wall of the body is very thick for have better durability. Also the jointed part is much stronger than another bigbaits. Almost 3 times more stronger.
It`s ideal bigbait for capture another species of big predators, not only monster black bass.
And as it has thick plastic it got the weight for cast and also good buoyancy.
It modified the position of the weight , so now you can cast it easily to long distance.



On the lip part it equips triangle shape wire named WEED BUMPER SYSTEM.
It works for slash weeds, so you can retrieve it inside of weed area.
This wire block the weed for into the corner of the lip and twisted in it.
Also it works for avoid snagging to obstacles on bottom.
It swims on bottom rising the tail upper, so this posture also works for avoid snagging.

Also you can use it as TOP WATER on surface.

The lip can remove and it transforms into topwater plug.
It float on horizontal posture. The back part comes out from the water little bit.
This part receives the wind and drift on surface moving smoothly his body.
It`s very effective way to use it in summer.
By steady retrieving, it shows buzzing splashing the water on surface.
By twitching, it turns the head from side to side like dog-walk and the tail splash the water. It can imitate so well baitfish which escape from predator on surface.



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