New soft plastic bait from deps “TAIL SLIDER” for capture leery bass under difficult condition.


deps will launch new special shape soft bait for capture leery bass. It`s named “TAIL SLIDER”.
On the head it has skirts and on the rear equips shad tail.
In april , it will be available.

 “TAIL SLIDER 2.2 inch” is small size soft bait for big size lure maker deps.

Normally deps produce big size soft plastic bait for capture big bass.
But this “TAIL SLIDER” is just 2.2 inch. It`s very small compare with another softbaits of this company.
It`s designed for fish bass under difficult condition. When the bass are leery or inactive, it will work so well.
If you set int on dropshot rig, it can imitate so well the swimming of the goby, the favorite baitfish of the bass.
The material contains flavour and smell for attract fish.


Characteristic and special parts.

It has shad tail on rear part. It looks like Legworm of Gary Yamamoto.
The root of the tail is so thick, but the tail part is very thin.
Also there are 4 sensibly moves legs close to the tail. It vibrates on high pitch and attracts fish.
The skirts of head part works like rubber jig, it moves as it alive and increase silhouette volume.

This special shape soft plastic bait attracts strongly leery bass under difficult condition.



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