New fishing style with chatter bait “HULACHAT 18g” which provokes reaction bite. -NORIES-


Nories launched 18 g model of “HULACHAT”

“HULACHAT” is well-known by high snagless & weedless capability chatter bait which is able to use in vegetation area and covers.

It`s not just added 18 g model in “HULACHAT” series.
This 18 g model is like a NEW LURE.

As it has enough weight, even if you set big trailer on it, it does not rise up to surface on high-speed retrieving.



It comes with 2 special trailers HULABUG


What is the special of  HULACHAT 18g?

It`s made for fish in high pressure shallow area where is very difficult to cause bite of fish. In this difficult area, fish bass by the reaction bite will be very effective way to capture fish.
“HULACHAT 18g” is designed for set large trailer and cause reaction bite by high-speed retrieving.

It`s a new concept chatter bait.

The designer of this chatter bait Tanabe of Nories says that IMPORTANT IS NOT MOVE TOO MUCH, NOT BE TOO STRONG, but THE SILHOUETTE BE LARGER.
These are important points for fish by reaction bite in difficult conditions.
Also by this heavy weight, you can retrieve it in deep comfortably.

9 colors



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