New brand BOTTOMUP which was founded by ex-O.S.P professional angler. They launched first lure “BREAVOR”. -BOTTOMUP-


New brand BOTTOMUP had launched their first lure “BREAVOR”. It`s plain looks but may have high potential.

It`a s shadtail of 5.7 inch which can transform into stick bait.

“BREAVOR 5.7 inch”


length:5.7 inch
type:straight / shad tail
quantity:8 pcs

Characteristic of  “BREAVOR”

It`s designed for use on Neko rig.
Normally fish attack to the bait when the neko rig touch down to bottom.
It`s rare to occur bite while falling like another type of rigs.

So for increase the bite while free fall to the bottom, “BREAVOR” has equipped shad tail.

Even if it falls so slowly, the shad tail moves so well efficiently and the transmit the movement to whole body . So the body vibrate in every moment and produces natural waves like an alive baitfish.


In this way , it attracts fish while falling.

Just shaking it on bottom, it can imitate the natural movement of baitfish pecking the bottom.
It attract strongly leery bass.

It transforms into straight soft bait.

“BREAVOR” has another way to use.
If you cut the shad tail, you can use as a stick bait.
It`s designed for use it cut off the tail, so balance is perfect.

Not only neko-rig, it match for weightless rig and wacky-rig, jig head wacky.
On these rigs, it shows very natural moves.


Whole body covered with rings except one part.
This smooth art is mark for set hook for neko-rig.
Just set hook on it, the balance will be perfect.

This is the part where can cut off easily for transforms into stick bait.




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