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Nail rig for imitate spring bluegill. It works so well for black bass of spring. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Nail rig for imitate spring bluegill. It works so well for black bass of spring.


Let`s see how fish with nail rig.

In spring, when the baitfish like a bluegill start swimming slowly , it`s the moment to use natural swimming of the nail rig.
The free fall of the nail rig with shad tail soft bait provoke the bite efficiently.

How set nail sinker?

Just set the nail sinker on the stomach part of the soft bait.
For not fall down the sinker while casting, better insert from head side to tail.

It`s important to set the falling posture on almost horizontally but little bit head down for make slide fall.
This free fall which glide in the water smoothly provoke the bite efficiently.

Recommended soft plastic bait.

Stagger Wide of HIDEUP

This soft bait shows long distance slide fall.
As it has silhouette of bluegill, it attracts big bass which prey bluegills.
The root of the tail is so thin, so the tail moves so well while free fall.

Caramel shad of ISSEI

It has thick and high density body with full of grooves.
This deep groove produce complex waves.
It shows very natural swimming.


DoLiveShad of OSP

DoLiveShad moves the body and tail so well automatically on free fall.
It shows fantastic action.


especially nail rig on 8 inch model is very effective to capture big bass.
The body weight 28g, it`s easy to long cast even if you set light weight sinker.

On DEATHADDER, better set the nail sinker for produce horizontal posture fall.
Like this way, it produce whole body natural move on free fall. You can see on this video.


SWING IMPACT has 2 holes for set nail sinker in the center of the body.

So easy to make setting of best balance.
It`s my favorite nail rig soft bait.



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