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Mr.bigbait “Timberflash” wood plug which produces strong wave. -EVERGREEN- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Mr.bigbait “Timberflash” wood plug which produces strong wave. -EVERGREEN-


Bigbait made by wood has original appeal“Timberflash” -EVERGREEN-

Made by wood and it`s handmade.


It`s the best bigbait of EVERGREEN.

length:23.0 cm
weight:3 oz
depth:0.0 ~ 1.2m
price:6,264 yen

Surface:on slow retrieve, push the water very strongly, also the wood body produces attractive sound which plastic body does not have. And the tail stir the surface for attract fish from far.

Sub-superficie: When bass does not rise to surface. It`s efficient retrieve it just under the surface. Tha tail make bubbles and sounds of water mix with air attract attention of fish. When the bubbles gone from tail, the tail action will be changed to more aggressive move kicking the water strongly.

Provokes reaction bite.



Under the water: It dives untill 1.2m and by sound and vibration which reduced by tail and jointed part attract fish from deep.
Also the aluminium of body painting produce natural flash like real baitfish.


timberflash3 timberflash4

When you fish in the obstacles area and you can not retrieve lure. Also when bass stay in the bottom or less active for feeding. It`s the moment for use the DEAD STICKING action. Cast it and just let it float on the current. Receiving the current and wind , the connexion part of body and the tail move automatically, naturally. This super natural and slow movement works a lot on these situation.



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