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"MIMIX" brand from Singapore produces sparkle lures. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“MIMIX” brand from Singapore produces sparkle lures.

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The new brand form Singapore “MIMIX” has lot of sparkle lure collections

MIMIX” the new lure brand cut a conspcious figure.


This brand from Singapore was established in 2013.
Just 3 years old company, but thier originality and good quality products were already known between anglers of all over the world.

Image movie.

Today let`s see the sparkle lures of  “MIMIX”

Very original lures.

Dragon walk this lure triggered their reputation.
This is the lure which won the prize of the best hardlure in biggest chinese fishing festival.


Squidy Doo. Cuttlefish form topwater. It use as frog. When I saw the forst time , I thougt it is one type of jig.


Crox Prop. It`s crocodile shaped topwter with prop. Carnivours fish of south-east asia eat baby of crocodiles!? It looks like a Mamba Prop which I bought the another day.


Poppersaurus. Dino-Popper.


Cranky Frox. Frog shaped crankbait. It makes me remember Type-X of Megabass.


Barra-X. This naming —X, makes me remember Megabass lures.
This name came from the fish Barramundi?


Megasoma. Seems to it is good lure for fish just under the surface.
It`s imitating an insecto which named elephant beetle. I would like to cast under the overhang.


Grasspopper. Grasshopper shaped popper. In Japan there are lot of grasshopper, but we don`t have lure with grasshopper shaped.


Tempura. Name like japanese food…tempura!? What is this lure? Shrimp? insect? creature-x?


MangaBee. Dragonfly shaped lure. It may good in lakes where are lot of dragonfly.


JitterFrox. Noisy type lure with frog shape. This naming makes me image legend Jitter BUG. It will have very natural movement of frog on surface.


Savage Popper. Fierce popper. The snake biting frog. And now, one big fish will bite this snake or swallow both of them. The epitome of food chain. Very original idea.


These are just one small part of lure collections of  “MIMIX”.
Recently in Asia, sports fishing is becoming popular little by little.
Some new lure company will appear soon from asia.



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