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“MA2 WORM” new material SS-X , Blue glow attract Rock fish and Horse Mackerel. -MARIA- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“MA2 WORM” new material SS-X , Blue glow attract Rock fish and Horse Mackerel. -MARIA-


“MA2 WORM” new material SS-X , Blue glow attract Rock fish and Horse Mackerel. -MARIA-

“MA2 WORM” has 8 different shapes with special elastic material.


There are 8 different shapes for depend on the target.


Elastic material SS-X.

mamaworm9 For the fish which has small mouth or fish which bite only tail before swallow, also for fish swallow in one gulp. It`s very important the material is soft for not make them feel strange when they bite lure.
More flexible and soft, it`s easy to swallow. And when they put lure in their mouth, they do not spit so fast, cause of natural tact.
But just be soft is not enough, it`s easy to cut. It`s needed durability.
Material SS-X is strong and soft. It`s very elastic. Ideal material for fish these kind of fish.


mamaworm3 mamaworm11 mamaworm4 mamaworm10


It glows in blue in the dark. Untill now normally glow model bright in green, but this new model in blue.
BLUE GLOW has better visibility than green glow in deep range or night. Totally dark place it has stronger appeal.

Special colors.

For night and muddy water: Phosphorescence


For night and few light situation, also when fish are active , this color works good. Glow and pearl white works very good in muddy water.

For time with little light, daybreak, sundown. Also for deep area. : Fluorescence


The moment with little light, like daybreak, sundown, receiving ultraviolet rays and it bright.

For day time, in clear water, when fish is not so active: CLEAR COLOR.


As it has lamé in material, it reflects light and make natural appeal which attract difficult condition fish. It works well in sunny day or at night around lamp.

Very dark place. Natural but strong appeal: Blue glow


It bright in blue.
High visibility color in dark water in deep.
It has better visibility than Fosforescence.
The place where does not reach light, or bottom without light, it attract fish efficiently.
This BLUE GLOW looks natural in water.



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