Lure for breams “CHECKMATE”. It has high weedless capacity. It slide on the rocks where breams hide. -Abu Garcia-


Abu SaltyStage had launched “CHECKMATE” for breams fishing.

Abu SaltyStage CHECKMATE

Breams used to stay in the area where mixed sand and rock or hard bottom rock area.
For fish breams in these area, it`s very important to the lure has ability to keep the bottom line while retrieving without snagging in it.

For avoid snagging and slide smoothly on the hard bottom, “CHECKMATE” has wide head.

Front part of the head is very wide. So it does not fall into between rock and stick there.

Inferior part is not totally flat. The center of the head has keel which comes out little bit from lower side. It`s for transmit the condition of the bottom for anglers.

So it make easy to find hard bottom area where stays breams.

The hook is quite big,, it`s designed for set “SW BUBBLE SPEAR” of Berkley as trailer.



weight:3.5g / 5g / 7g / 10g


Trailer for CHECKMATE” SW BUBBLE SPEAR of Berkley

It has crustacean shape.

Originally , it was a soft bait for black bass.

But as it works so well for salt water fishing like rock fish, breams, now it has special version for salt water.
It has deep ringed body, receiving the stream and produce waves and vibration.


This body vibration transmits to two claws and two ball feeler for shake it attractively.

While retrieving it on the bottom, it attract fish by natural movement of all parts of the body.
But especially , while on pause, the claws and ball feeler wave and vibrate on stream.

Like this way it provoke the bite efficiently. Also it`s a good lure for rock fish.


When fish doe not react for bottom retrieving… you can try…



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