Let`s make original swimbait with “RHYTHM HEAD” -JACKALL-


“RHYTHM HEAD” is designed for combine with “RHYTHM WAVE” and “RHYTHM CURLY”
But it is able to combine with the soft plastic bait which you want. And you can make your original compact size swimbait easily.


“RHYTHM HEAD” is a head part of the swimbait which is able to combine with soft plastic bait which you want.
The material is same as normal plug, so it`s not heavy like a jig head. So you can retrieve it slowly. It shows natural slow fall.


By special shape of the head and increase of the weight, it has better long casting capability than normal weightless soft plastic bait.

Also this head make the shape closer to real bait fish.As it has treble hook, even if the short bite, it can hook-up well. Above all, as it is the compact size swimbait, so you can use the normal tackle to cast it.
Like a jerkbait or spinner biat, easy to use and it does not need to use on special tackle.

Action on video

JACKALL will launch “RHYTHM HEAD” in this spring.



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