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“KONOHA” Leaf shape softbait for use on jighead wacky. The swing fall produce flashing. -KAESU- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“KONOHA” Leaf shape softbait for use on jighead wacky. The swing fall produce flashing. -KAESU-


Special softbait for jighead wacky. “KONOHA” The fall like a leaf attracts fish. -KAESU-

It looks like a space ship of STAR WARS. It does not imitate the shape of baitfish.

KONOHA KAESU special fall attracts bass

“KONOHA” it`s like a name of the village of anime NARUTO.
“KONOHA” means the leaf on the lake.

rig:jighead wacky
material:hard and high buoyancy

The special shape for produce the action which make bass crazy in it.

KONOHA KAESU space ship shape special fall attracts bass

The design of “KONOHA” is not imitating baitfish.
This design was made just for produce magic action which attracts bass strongly.
The special of this softbait is the way to fall. It falls producing the irregular action as leaf of tree.


While falling , it produces flashing.
It falls slowly to bottom, changing the action dynamically.
This irregular action and flashing stimulate appetite and reaction of bass.
It`s perfect for the place where is deep and the wall of vegetation or vertical structure.

Also on dropshot-rig shows his maximum potential.
With dropshot-rig , the bait shows stronger appeal and it`s ideal for search of fish in open area.

Special parts.

The shape of body and material.

Receive the water on surface and produce current for flutter the body.
The flat-wide part of the body produces flashing by irregular fall, reversing the body oneself.
The material has high buoyancy and it falls slowly to bottom fluttering.
It shows very attractive and original fall.

Trimming and changing the shape, it shows variety action.

Cutting the tails of the both side, it shows more complicated action.
For dropshot-rig, this tuning is very effective.
Also setting it as a trailer on rubberjig, it works as brake while falling and produce the moment for provoke reaction bite.

KONOHA KAESU on rubberjig trailer



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